31 July 2018
The long-anticipated KYMCO New Many 110 EV has a jaw-dropping pre-order price. Pay only NTD99 per month and enjoy your ride!

The long-anticipated KYMCO New Many 110 EV has a jaw-dropping pre-order price. Pay only NTD99 per month and enjoy your ride!

Ionex’s IoV “NTD99 per Month Experience Plan” aims to challenge the lowest price on the market.

Pay only NTD99 each month for your first battery in the first year for a basic mileage up to 1,000 km per month.

Pre-order starts from August 1st, book your Ionex now and experience a hassle-free ride!


[31/7/2018, Taipei] Ever since KYMCO released its “Ionex IoV (Internet of Vehicle)” solution in March this year and unveiled New Many 110 EV and Nice 100 EV models in June, there has been much discussions in the electric scooter market, while anticipation from various industries reached a new high. KYMCO today announced the launch and pre-order for the New Many 110 EV model with a “NTD99 per Month Experience Plan” for battery rental lasting an entire year at the lowest fee in the industry. First-time Ionex buyers can register for their purchase from August 1st to September 20th to enjoy this amazing hassle-free riding experience on their electric scooter.

“In the wake of the government’s announcement of total motorization of scooters by 2035, KYMCO had set its mind on the promotion of electric scooter and provision of the most ‘satisfying’ riding experience. And upon the official introduction of New Many 110 EV and Ionex IoV to the Taiwanese market, we also put forth the ‘99 per Month Experience Plan,’ which not only challenges the lowest monthly rental fee on the market but also allows more consumers to own their electric scooters at an affordable price. The reason for such is to show our appreciation to the first-time buyers of KYMCO Ionex scooters,” says Zhang, Ren-Quan, the Associate General Manager of Kwang Yang Motor CO., LTD.’s Business Center.



Pay only NTD99 per month and enjoy your ride!

The self-owned battery rental project package includes a self-owned battery, a home-use charger, a charging stand, and a weighted stand. In order to encompass every consumer in the new green transportation life using the electric scooter without adding extra burden on their bills, KYMCO has introduced the “NTD99 per Month Experience Plan.” From August 1st to September 20th, each pre-order of any New Many 110 EV series product is bundled with an incentive plan of a NTD99 monthly rental fee (the original price is NTD299/month) for the first battery in the first year (12 months), an average 1,000km basic mileage every month, and a discount rate of only one NTD for every extra kilometer. The incentive allows first-time buyers to enjoy a light ride for an entire year (the price will be switched back to NTD299/month from the 13th month). In addition to the permanent warranty for Ionex’s self-owned battery, buyers with the incentive plan are equally entitled to the 10-year service warranty for prolonging the traction motor, the five-year warranty for the core power, and the two-year warranty for the whole scooter (including the battery cartridge).


1,500 fast charging stations and service network to dominate the market

The charging of the rented self-owned battery can be done with the built-in charger in the scooter or the home-use charger and charging stand at home. 0 to 100% can be done in merely four hours. Riders can also go to KYMCO’s 1,600 authorized dealers around the island to enjoy the one-hour fast charging service with at only NTD10. While your battery is being recharged, our dealer can also run a health check on your battery, load readings of your battery use, and inspect and repair your scooter.


Apart from the authorized dealer stores, KYMCO has more than 3,600 sales channels and we plan, in the next three years, to accomplish a network of professional post-sale service sites for Ionex IoV and energy exchange stations. In the future, we will expand the establishment of shared battery and plug in a bid to quickly bring Ionex electric scooters to everybody’s life and provide consumers with the most comprehensive services.



Smart, convenient, and reassuring App for authentication, settlement, and payment

The scooter buyer applying for a contract and renting a self-owned battery at a KYMCO authorized dealer site is granted the right to use the battery when the monthly rental fee for the battery is paid. The staff will assist the buyer to tie his/ her identification with the battery and the scooter with the help of Ionex App. The measure serves as a means of authentication as well as anti-theft. The scooter owner can authorize his/her use right to other registered members on Ionex.


The monthly bill of the scooter includes the service fee accrued of that month and the rental fee of the self-owned battery; the user can make payment in one sweep the next month via a credit card that is tied with the App or pay the rental fee of the previous month with a given payment code at convenience stores. For users renting a self-owned battery, the amount payable will be calculated based on the incentive rate of one dollar for every extra kilometer exceeding the accumulated mileage as of the time when the self-owned battery is changed, returned, or when the contract is terminated.

The accumulated mileage of the battery can be shown either via Noodoe IoV App or tracked and read by the built-in NFC chip in the battery in KYMCO’s service sites.


Price and specifications

KYMCO New Many 110 EV includes two versions:

‧Noodoe Navigation: Suggested retail price is NTD79,800 (plate insurance excluded), after deducting the subsidy of two-stroke vehicle replacement, the price will be down to as low as NTD47,800. (The price calculation is based on the conditions in Taoyuan.)

‧Metropolis: Suggested retail price is NTD79,800 (plate insurance excluded), after deducting the subsidy of two-stroke vehicle replacement, the price will be down to as low as NTD42,800. (The price calculation is based on the conditions in Taoyuan.)

Scooters will be delivered from late August after preorder and pricing plan are filed.



New Many 110 EV Metropolis

New Many 110 EV Navigation (Noodoe)

Suggested Retailed Price (plate insurance excluded)



Replacement Price in Taoyuan (plate insurance excluded)



Subsidized Model


Plate Type

Green background with white words




173x670x1070 mm


1,195 mm

Dry Weight


Curb Weight

97kg (including one removable battery of 5kg + core power)

Height of Saddle


Compartment Size




Max. Power


Max. Torque (Motor/Wheel)

16.5/125.6 Nm

Max. Speed


Climbing Ability




Battery Spec.

Lithium ternary battery

Battery Capacity

Core battery: 50V/10.5Ah/ Removable battery: 50V/13Ah

Battery Withdraw

NFC battery switch (sensing and switching)


60 (fixed speed 30km/h)/ 36(CNS Mode) with one core battery and one removable battery

Charging Methods

Battery charger, scooter charger, power exchange station

Charging Speed (0 to 100%)

Standard: 4h (scooter charger)/ Rapid: 1h (authorized charging station and power exchange station)

Spec. of Charger



Monochrome LCD dashboard

TFT LCD + monochrome LCD dashboard




Front & back: Drum brake

Front: Disc brake/ Back: Drum brake




LED light stick


Front: LED/ Back: Lightbulb


10-year warranty the traction motor/ Five-year warranty for the core power/ Two-year warranty for the whole scooter (including the battery cartridge).


Low speed alarm/ side support power cut/ USD charging port/ electric backing up/ hidden hook (front & middle)